bob Farrell final 5-9-2019

Bob and Jayne Farrell met during high school in Lubbock, TX in 1967, and sang together from the very first.  Bob had a popular band that played in West Texas for fraternity parties and proms – Jayne would sing Grace Slick, Janis Joplin, and Aretha Franklin favorites – Bob would cover the songs of The Beatles, Steppenwolf, and many other late 60’s pop bands.  “It was during the ‘Jesus Movement’ of the early 70’s that the seeds of what would become Farrell & Farrell were sown. In 1977 ‘Farrell & Farrell’ first single “Earthmaker”, went to #1 on Christian radio.”

Since ’91 Bob has been writing songs for a long list of pop, Christian, and country artists, as well as penning songs for national ads, film, and tv.

Currently Bob continues to write music and does some touring as the show director of his compositions: Saviour, A Modern Oratorio; and HERO, The Rock Opera.  He is currently writing book manuscripts, and is about to launch a My Manifesto blog while self-publishing his books on Amazon.

Bob and Jayne have lived in Nashville since 1983 – they have two daughters and four grandsons.


Check out this episode!

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